Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pinoy Movie - Pinoy Kamasutra 2 Fire, Water, Earth, Air (RS)

A woman wanting to feel alive... secure... and feel pleasure again rediscovers heated passion beyond one's wildest imagination... Exciting. Electrifying. Erotic.

Myles is a woman in need of sexual healing until she comes across an erotic email sent to her. Echo is a sexually active email sender in search of the ultimate amorous encounter. While in hot pursuit to unravel the identity of her erotic e-mate, she's also bound to discover her hidden carnal creature- her sexual alter ego.

As the two become constant chat mates. Myles hunger for passion is finally reawakened. Aided by the four fundamental elements: fire, water, earth and air, the two explore each others lustful cravings far beyond their wildest imagination.

Too bold to behold, Pinoy Kamasutra 2 is packed with lusty, steamy segments and erotic positions, and shows you how the Internet has truly become one vital tool for sexual pleasure.

Pinoy Kamasutra 2. It's one hot lesson plan you shouldn't miss.

Myles Hernandez
Hazel Cabrera

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